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Our Story

100+ Tri-Cities Women Who Care emerged from a desire to support and inspire our region. When Becca Davis, Executive Director of Coalition for Home Repair (a national network of home repair nonprofits), first heard about the 100 Who Care Alliance, she knew she wanted to start a chapter in Tri-Cities TN/VA. Our giving circle was announced in August 2018 and our first Big Give event was held on Valentine's Day in 2019. We allow women to network, learn about great things happening in our community, and make a significant impact together.


The leadership team currently consists of three women who oversee the administration of our giving circle: Becca Davis (Founder/Member Coordinator), Star Barto (Nonprofit Coordinator), and Michele Yaroma (Media & Event Venue Coordinator). Other members assist in various ways. 


The first giving circle of this kind was created in Michigan in 2006 by Karen Dunigan. She saw a need for baby cribs, mattresses, and blankets and found 100 people willing to donate $100 to meet the need. She died of cancer in 2014. One of her sisters said, "Karen lives every time a new chapter starts." Today, there 600 giving circles around the world that are affiliated with the 100 Who Care Alliance including chapters for women, men, people, kids, and teens.

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