How It Works

It's simple. We meet. We learn. We vote. We donate.


  • Members commit to donating $100 per event, four times a year.

  • Teams of two, three, or four women are welcome. Each team donates $100 per event (so each team member gives $25, $33.33 or $50 per event, depending on the size of the team).

  • Any member (or team) may nominate one local nonprofit for consideration.

  • Three randomly selected nonprofits will make brief presentations every quarter.

  • Events used to be held in person but are currently conducted virtually due to the pandemic.

  • Each member (or team) may vote for one of the three charities. The nonprofit with the most votes is the recipient.

  • Each member (or team) donates directly to the recipient charity for a total group donation of $10,000+.

  • While we are hosting virtual meetings due to the pandemic, members who are able to give $100 (or more) are encouraged to do so. Those who give less or who are unable to give are still considered members in good standing (as long as they notify us).

  • Guests are welcome! Only members may vote, but guests are welcome to donate to the selected charity. Forward your donation receipt to us at and we'll include your gift in our group's total

  • A leadership team is responsible for organizing the giving circle. These women volunteer their time to organize fundraising events, recruit members, vet nominated nonprofits, etc. They determine the rules for how the giving circle will operate and may poll members for input occasionally.