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How It Works

It's simple. We learn. We donate. We multiple our impact.


1. Fill out a short form to join our email list. Add us to your safe sender list to ensure our emails land in your inbox! 

2. Every 3 months (starting in February 2023), we'll email members information about one nonprofit's mission and programs along with information about how to donate directly to them. 

3. Donate. Most members give $100 to the nonprofit each quarter, but you can donate any amount. 100 members x $100 = $10,000! If you need to skip a quarter, that's fine. No need to notify us. 

4. Important! Forward your receipt to so we can include your gift in our group's total and so that your gift will be eligible for a 50% match from our foundation partner. 


A small leadership team is responsible for organizing the giving circle. We volunteer our time to communicate with members, vet nominated nonprofits, etc. We determine the rules for how the giving circle operates. 

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