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How It Works for Nonprofits

  • For 2023, we aren't accepting any new nonprofit nominations. As we simplify our giving circle, we will use the list of previously nominate organizations. 

  • The leadership team vets nominated nonprofits for eligibility. Eligible nonprofits must provide their 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS, which must be dated at least one year ago. They must also serve in at least one of the eastern eight counties in Tennessee (Washington, Sullivan, Carter, Johnson, Unicoi, Greene, Hawkins, or Hancock); Washington County, Virginia; or in Bristol, Virginia.

  • The leadership team will randomly select one of the nominated nonprofits prior to each quarter's Big Give event. 

  • Each member who would like to donate writes a check or gives online directly to the recipient charity for a total group donation of approximately $10,000.

  • The recipient nonprofit will provide individual tax receipts directly to members. Members forward their receipts to so that we can track our collective impact and secure matching funds. 

  • After all donations are made, the giving circle applies for a 50% matching donation (up to $5,000) from our foundation partner. The nonprofit must meet their eligibility requirements to receive the matching funds. 

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