How It Works for Nonprofits

  • Any giving circle member (or team) in good standing may nominate one nonprofit for consideration each year. Nominations must be submitted a month before an event to be considered for that quarter's donation.

  • The leadership team vets nominated nonprofits for eligibility. Eligible nonprofits must provide their 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS, which must be dated at least one year ago. They must also serve in at least one of the eastern eight counties in Tennessee (Washington, Sullivan, Carter, Johnson, Unicoi, Greene, Hawkins, or Hancock); Washington County, Virginia; or in Bristol, Virginia.

  • The leadership team will randomly select three of the nominated nonprofits prior to each Big Give event. The selected charities will be invited to each give a brief presentation (when we meet in person, this is followed by a brief time of Q&A). Charities must agree to keep their selection a secret; members of the giving circle won't know which nonprofits are chosen to present until the Big Give starts!

  • Nonprofits that are nominated by multiple members will have a better chance of being selected to present. Nonprofits that aren't selected to give presentations will remain in the "hat" for future events. 

  • After the three nonprofit presentations at a Big Give event, each member will vote for one of the three charities. Starting in November 2020, votes will be prorated according to the amount that is pledged at the time of voting ($100 = full vote; $25 = 1/4 vote, etc.) Voting will take place by secret ballot; the nonprofit that receives the most votes will receive all of the donations. 

  • Each member (or team) writes a check for $100 or gives online directly to the recipient charity for a total group donation of $10,000+.

  • Members who did not vote for the chosen nonprofit agree to make their donation regardless. A member can, of course, donate their money or time privately to the other two charities if she wishes.

  • Members who don't vote in the Big Give event still donate to the selected charity (unless they notify the leadership team that they need to skip a quarter).

  • Members must donate by the deadline to have their nonprofit nomination considered for the drawing for the presenters for the next event.

  • The recipient nonprofit will provide individual tax receipts directly to members. The charity agrees not to contact members except for tax purposes (unless members consent), and may not give out member information to third parties. 

  • All nonprofits that present at a Big Give will be eligible to be nominated again in 5 years, whether or not they are the recipient of our collective gifts.

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