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Nonprofit Recipient: Huschka House


Our members selected Huschka House to receive our collective donation of approximately $10,000 for our 14th Big Give! Huschka House Transitional Living Program provides homeless young adults with the skills and services they need to make a successful transition into adulthood.


Everyone is invited to donate! Give online and forward your receipt to info@tricitieswomenwhocare.com so that we can secure the 50% match from our foundation partner. Or, write a check to Huschka House and mail it to 100+ Tri-Cities Women Who Care, 113 Heritage Place Drive, Jonesborough, TN 37659. Eve

Announcement: Major Giving Circle Changes

It's hard to believe that this is our giving circle's 4th year. After this event, we will have collectively donated $180,000 to local nonprofits! Despite our success, our current model isn't sustainable. See the Q&A below for details.

Our leadership team has decided that this will be our final in-person Big Give event, and our last event that includes multiple nonprofits, presentations, and voting. We will switch to a simplified online-only format next year. 

Starting in February 2023, we will share a short written description of the mission and programs of one local nonprofit every three months. Women will be invited to donate any amount directly to the charity. Those who don't wish to support the nonprofit can simply not donate that quarter. 

Members who give will be encouraged to forward their donation receipt to us so that we can continue to track and report back to members about our collective giving, and receive matching funds. The nonprofit will receive a 50% match of our donations (up to $5,000) from our foundation partner, as long as the organization meets their giving criteria. 

There won't be any ongoing membership commitment, nonprofit presentations, voting/pledging, or in-person events. Any woman who is interested in participating can sign up for our email list, and remove herself if she needs to resign. We will not accept new nonprofit nominations in 2023, but will instead randomly select one nonprofit each quarter from our current list. 

We considered ending our giving circle but have instead decided to return to our roots. Our motto is: "Fast, simple, and impactful." We hope you'll continue to participate next year!


Questions & Answers

Q: Why is the current model unsustainable? 
A: Although we have continued to meet our giving goal, participation is dwindling. We have 170 women on our email list but only 72 are active. Event attendance is also down significantly. Pre-pandemic, 90+ women attended our events. We now have 20 attendees. It's a lot of work to organize multiple events a year, and our leadership team has limited capacity. Our founder, Becca Davis, was working part-time when she started the group and now works full-time. The other two leadership team members, Star Barto and Michele Yaroma, are also very busy.

Q: Why couldn't members volunteer to help continue with our current format?
A: While various members have offered to help in different capacities, our leadership team doesn't have the capacity to organize, train, and manage volunteers. It has become extremely time consuming to manage the giving circle, as it now requires significant time and multiple methods of communication to get enough women to vote to meet our goal, and then to ensure that everyone follows through with their pledge. A lot has changed since we started.

Q: Why couldn't we still have 3 nonprofit options and let members donate to their favorite?
A: This would require 3x as much work for our leadership team, and would result in a lower impact, as the 50% match can only be given to one nonprofit (so only the organization that got the most donations would have their gifts matched; donations to the other two organizations wouldn't be matched.) Also, we like the idea of simply supporting local nonprofits without pitting them against each other.

Feel free to email info@tricitieswomenwhocare.com with your comments and questions. Thanks for being a Tri-Cities Women Who Cares! We can continue to make a big impact in the region.

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How to become a member

1. Commit. Fill out a short form to join our email list. 

2. Add us to your safe sender list to ensure our emails land in your inbox! 

3. Every 3 months (starting in February 2023), we'll email members information about one nonprofit along with a link to donate. 

4. Donate. Most members give $100 to the nonprofit each quarter, but you can donate any amount. 100 members x $100 = $10,000! If you need to skip a quarter, that's fine. No need to notify us. 

5. Important! Forward your receipt to info@tricitieswomenwhocare.com so we can include your gift in our group's total and so that your gift will be eligible for a 50% match from our foundation partner. 

Fast. Simple. Impactful. Women working together really can do just about anything!

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead